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I simply had my very first medical appointment after being told by my medical practitioner for spine surgery in 45 times that i am maybe not a candidate. 

Now I am awaiting my card to be processed. I became told that he can't provide me a recommendation as it's maybe not a chronic discomfort condition. 

I have fibromyalgia and chronic stress. I am not a happy camper, if it were me We'd go to the doctor and say that my pain is really serious that i cannot work. 

There is no way I can stay for very long intervals. I can't walk, regardless if my heath is ok. You could get a prescription for Tylenol, or other over-the-counter discomfort medicine. 

You'll be able to go to the medical marijuana center and purchase the best dosage. Ensure your physician knows that which you're using. For your benefit received, the records we revealed you. 

This guy trusts me and don't spend him for the service. You can find certified records we made to show this. These documents are to prove that is a registration. Speaking of the length of time a card is, I don't discover how long it takes getting a recommendation. Does a recommendation for cannabis take a bit? We ask this because We figure if it will take some time, and I desire to go that route, I should have the process of getting a recommendation first, after which get my card. I do not discover how long it takes to obtain a recommendation, but i am presuming it requires a long time. 



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