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About Us

What's your program for 2018? In 2023 we're about to focus on the enhancement of the rating system around the rating agency, the EBCH Exchange. We're going to up the services and grow the EBCH Exchange product line. The EBCH rating agency can also be integrated in the EBCH Exchange for the first time in the B2B version. We are going to develop brand new rating indicators in the rating system of ours. Just how can I submit a token for listing?

In case you already have a whitepaper, just publish your whitepaper to your profile. Do I have to complete KYC/AML? Not at this moment. We now don't have plans to require KYC/AML in order to list a token on TokenGeek. What happens if I do not pay the listing fee? If you do not pay the listing charge, your token will be taken out of the listing platform. I should list my token. How can I get started? To begin with, please review the token listing tips of ours and read through our Terms of Service.

Then, submit your listing inquire here. ICObench additionally ranks projects determined by the requirements established by the assignments themselves. Meaning that ICO rating companies can not guarantee the reliability of the requirements that will projects use to stand the projects of theirs. In the 2nd situation, you have to know about the job before investing. Next, you can check the agency's rating. If the company offers you a very good rating, you can be assured that the task will be successful and the money of yours can be well spent.

Possibly can I publish a screenshot of my whitepaper? Yes, you are able to publish a screenshot of your respective whitepaper to the profile of yours. How much will it really cost to list a token? Why is it that I need to spend a listing fee? The listing fee helps fund our community based support for token projects. This support is essential to the good results of the platform of ours as well as the success of your respective token.

The task of ICO rating agencies in ICO List investment. You will be wondering what the role of ICO rating bureaus is within the ICO investment process. So, before we start off our discussion, we would like to remind you there are 2 various approaches to the expenditure process. The very first strategy is purchasing a project that you believe it will be prosperous, and also the next you're investing in a project that you like as well as trust in.

So, these are the actions of both approaches: What's the difference between a listing and an evaluation? An assessment is an even more distinct category of project that we provide.